Our training programmes are designed for individuals in the helping profession as well as members of the public who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills in mental health awareness, basic counseling, emotional resilience, mindfulness and psychological crisis management.

We have collaborated with universities, hospitals, VWOs and government organizations to provide mental health training and counselling services. These organizations include:

Crisis Management & Mental Health First Aid

  • Agency for Integrated Care
  • Changi General Hospital
  • People’s Association Raffles Hospital
  • Counselling Centre
  • Singapore Institute of Technology
  • Social Service Institute

Psychological Well-being for Caregivers

  • AWWA Caregiver Centre
  • Breast Cancer Foundation

Mindfulness Training

  • National University of Singapore
  • UCSD Centre for Mindfulness

Brain Health & Positive Ageing

  • Healthy Ageing Association
  • ProAge Pte Ltd

Person-Centred Dementia Care

  • Alzheimer’s Disease Association
  • NTUC Health Silver Circle Eldercare


Our Courses

Basic Counselling Course

Basic Counselling Skills course is a 20-lesson course aimed to equip participants with the essential knowledge of counselling and its relevant issues (30 hours)


Crisis Management Training

Crisis Management Training is a one-day interactive workshop that supports individuals within organizations to prepare and respond effectively to unexpected difficult situations, including violence and trauma. (8 hours)

Emotional Wellness and Resilience

This is a 2-day training programme that will enhance participants’ emotional capability to manage stress more effectively and cope with changes through their life stages (14 hours).


Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a 2-hourly weekly programme that spans 8 consecutive weeks. This programme teaches awareness and attentional practices which have been shown to improve emotional well-being (24 hours).

Mental Health First Aid

MHFA is a 2-day certification course that raises public awareness of mental health issues in the community. Just as medical first aid is given to someone with physical injuries, mental health first aid involves basic steps to provide initial psychological help and support to someone who is having a mental health problem until the person engages with further professional help (12 hours).