When do I need to see a psychologist?

Feeling different from your usual self can disrupt your usual routine, change your mood, make you feel disconnected from your loved ones, and cause you to feeling overwhelmed with emotions. Sometimes these symptoms are more obvious to others than yourself. Everyone will experience different symptoms that interfere with the ability to live well. Sometimes it helps to speak to family and friends when your issues are not too serious, but some situations require the help of a professional therapist. In the field of mental health, a psychologist will help you understand your problems and help you work through them in your journey to resolve your difficulties. The psychologist you see at KALL will help you identify your personal strengths and unlock your inner potential by journeying with you in your self-discovery.

How do I know which psychologist matches what I am looking for?

Psychologists assist people with common concerns such as stress and relationship problems, including mental health issues. An initial contact by telephone or email to KALL will answer your queries, clarify the help you need and match the psychologist to journey with you.

What can I expect from my initial session?

While it is normal to feel anxious or nervous meeting a psychologist for the first time, this is the first step you take towards psychological wellness. An initial intake can take 60 to 90 minutes, depending on your presenting concerns and this session allows for the collection of relevant information. The psychologist will obtain your personal information, discuss confidentiality issues, fees, your right of withdrawal, and other information relevant to your sessions.

Our psychologists are respectful of your personal information, and it is helpful for you to be open about your current concerns to get the most out of therapy. The possible discomfort you may feel at this session is common, but the sharing of your information will allow your psychologist to journey with you towards wellness in a collaborative plan for future therapy sessions.

How long do I need to continue therapy?

Every person’s journey towards wellness is different, depending on the presenting issues and the different responses to therapy. Sessions can be short-term or long-term depending on the possible roots of the issues. Although some problems can be resolved over a few sessions, it is more likely that weekly or fortnightly sessions for several months are necessary for significant change to happen. Each individual’s experience is different and it takes time to develop a positive, trusting, and respectful therapeutic relationship.

What are your appointment times?

On Mondays to Saturdays, our first appointment is 9.30am. Our last appointment time is 4 pm (Monday-Friday) & 12 noon (Saturday). We also provide home visits during these appointment times.

What are your professional fees and cancellation policy?



Clinic $180 – $220 / hr
Home $250 – $300

Psychological Assessment

IQ Test $800 – $1,500
Neuropsychological Assessment $1,200 – $1,800
Medico-legal Assessment $1,500 – $2,500


Note: All fees are subjected to prevailing GST


Cancellation Policy

All appointments will be charged at $74.90(inclusive of GST) if cancelled on the day of appointment.